Monday, July 20, 2009

Bailey's First Time at the Fair

Of course I didn't take a camera because I'm such a great mother I'm always too busy making everything else is just so perfect for our outings with Bailey that I so forget the unimportant things like the camera. Not really. In truth, I did want to take it and in typical Barbie fashion just forgot it, but I'm also having unresolved battery issues with the camera right now. Ne ne did get pictures so maybe she'll share. But Bailey really enjoyed herself. She loves Mason and was just beside herself to lay on a pallet of the front porch of the fair cabin and watch him zoom around with his toy jeep and dump trucks and such. After we ate, Ben took us riding in his new jeep. Well, it's not new but it's new to them and I love it. Bailey really enjoyed being in the open air riding around the fair grounds just watching all the people. She was alot of fun and on the way home I commented to Sid that she didn't cry or fuss one time the whole time we were there. She usually never does get fussy when we are out like that, but you just never know and it always makes the experience much more better when you aren't dealing with a fussy baby. She also started staying up a bit later over the weekend in hopes that she would sleep a little later than, oh say, 4:30 in the morning. It has worked to some degree, but not having to worry about getting her in the bed so early was just as equally as nice. Hopefully the weather will be just as nice and cool with little hummidity as it as over this past weekend as fair week gets kicked off this upcoming Friday. I only have one problem with the fair right now and that's that the final episode of the Bachelor will be on the Monday night of the fair. That is the only show I have watched all summer and I'm sorry to say something has to be missed out on that night. So Sid has been advised that he is more welcome to take Bailey out there if he wants to, but I'll be sitting in my chair anxiously awaiting Jillian's decesion that night. Maybe we can compromise and go out there but be home by 7:00. We'll see. Goggle the Neshoba County Fair and read about it if you have a little time. There are pictures on the blog from last summer but it really is an experience even if the whole concept is just a little strange to me. It's very cultural and I have decided you have to have grown up as a Neshoba County Fair goer to truely appreicate it's beauty. This will be my third year to try! I just can't understand why these people don't realize the places and condos they could have that beach for their fair cabin they use once a year. But again, I grew up going to the beach and not the fair cabin. Anyway, I'm digressing....

One of the neat things about the fair is always a little something like this....I walked inside to do something and Mamie was holding Bailey on the front porch. When I walked back out there was some man with a big fancy smancy camera taking pictures of Bay and her Turkey stained bib. He finally told us that he wasn't anyone important, but just visiting and taking pics along the way. Where was he visiting from? Why, none other than Birmingham, Alabama and when told that I was from Oneonta he proceded to ake me if I knew people, which of course I did. I just always think that's a neat thing about the fair. There's always someone there you know!

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