Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Maybe It Wasn't The Formula And Baby Food

Although we won't be trying the formula again and the baby food has long since been poured down the drain, we've spent almost 2 days being sick as dogs at the Whitehead household. Thankfully, Bailey and I didn't seem to have it as bad as Sid did. Bless his heart, I didn't know a human being could throw up so many times in a 24 hour time period and live to tell about it. He came home Monday after lunch a sick, sick puppy. Good thing Bailey was feeling much better and she was already at daycare. Of course in true man fashion, he chose to ride the storm out at home even though I begged him to please let me take him to the doc for a shot. Oh no, he didn't want to go, but he kept saying, "Call the doctor, call the doctor." I kept asking him what he wanted me to tell the doctor because he was already taking phenergran that we had at home. But he insisted by saying, "if you wanted something from the doctor you'd call in a heart beat." Well, I'll have to give him 2 points because this is true. But my point was they were probably only going to tell him to come get a shot. But I followed directions and called and this is what I said, "Um, yes this is Barbie W. I'm calling for my husband Sid. He seems to have a virus and is throwing up lots and has a fever. He is taking phenergran but he can't keep it down. He wanted to know if there is anything else he could do or take." She asked for my number and a pharmacy number. Um, yeah, you want to know what she told me when she called back? NOTHING!! That's because she didn't call back because I'm sure they were thinking the same thing, silly man get up here and get a shot. But I'm happy to report he is much better. He ate a Sonic hamburger last night and seems to just be doing great.

Me, on the other hand, I was able to hold out until Tuesday morning. I got up feeling just a tad sick. And since Sid was still sick I called to see if Bailey could go on to daycare so she wouldn't be here in the house with him. Thankfully, she could and I called Sid's mom to see if she could come by and get her and take her on her way to work. It's a good thing I called because before she got here to get her, I was sick.

Thankfully, I haven't had it as bad as Sid did either. But I've spent the last 24+ hours either throwing up or being knocked out from the phenergran. NeNe picked Bay up from daycare and took her home with her. It's 2:48 in the morning and I got up to go the bathroom and get a drink and couldn't go back to sleep. But I haven't seen my Bailey Boo since about 7:30 yesterday morning and I'm sitting her missing her so so bad. She'll go to daycare in the morning and if I'm in the clear, as I seem to be, I'll go ahead and go get her and bring her home and love all over her. Poor little thing. I felt so bad last night I couldn't even call to check on her. Wonder what she's thinking. She hasn't seen her daddy since Monday morning when he dropped her off at daycare. I bet she wonders where the heck we are but we are oh so thankful for the help NeNe has given us during this illness. One more crisis diverted for the home team!!!!

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