Friday, July 10, 2009

The New Formula!

Yeah, I don't recommend it so much! In fact I don't recommend it at all. Why, OH WHY, did I stop pumping and let my milk dry up. This was never a problem when she was getting that liquid gold. I guess 6+ months down the road it's a little late for that. Really, my sister in law, Leslie, told me that the hardest part of a new baby was figuring out the formula/feeding thing and she has never been right about anything more in her life.

So we started this new formula at lunch yesterday and Bailey seemed to have not minded the change. She gulped it down and was quite ready for her nap...until...she started wiggling around and wanted to sit up and was fussing. And just when I thought she was only tired, it happened, throw up...all in my face, her face, my clothes, her clothes. I got us both cleaned up and her to finally take a nap and called the pedi office. They recommended I try it one more time and she what gives. Well, I'll tell you what gives. At 11:00 last night when we were all snug in our beds, with visions of Friday dancing in our heads, it happened again. She started fussing and wiggling and I sat her up and BAM!!! All over both of us again, the bed, the floor. So Sid got up and turned on the light, got Bailey so I could clean myself up and brought her into the den. And then it happened again, all over the floor and her even more. Well Sid decides to run across the den to the kitchen to get something to wipe the floor up with as I politely suggested he just stay still till I could get her. I mean, it's much easier to clean up throw up in one spot as opposed to the whole darn house. So I got her and cleaned her up and changed her clothes and the mama in me thought, well, now she'll need a little juice or something so her stomach won't be empty. WRONG MOVE!!! After Sid was snuggled back in his bed and Bailey and I were about to rock back to sleep, it happened again. But this time only on me and the floor so it was easier to get cleaned up. Which is a good thing because Sid decided to sit that round out. WHEW!!! Yeah, I don't recommend that formula!

Bailey got up at 5 this morning hungry and I fixed her a regular formula bottle. Much to my delight, she drank it and went right on back to sleep and slept til about 7:45 this morning. Sid came and got her and took her to daycare a little after 8. (How good is he??) I called to check on her about an hour ago and she is doing fine. That's a better report than I got Wednesday when I called and she was fussing. She was also fussing when I got there to pick her up. She was extra clingy yesterday, which makes a mama proud, but at the same time just a little weary.

Anywhoo, the sheets are in the washer getting a good hard wash and hopefully we are over that mess. I'll be calling the pedi office to let them know shortly.

OH and P.S.-We've given up the Dr. Brown bottles for the 5 oz. Medela breast milk bottles, with a disposable bottle nipple. We have quite a supply of the nipples from all the hospital stays, but really, why my daughter? She is soooo freakin high maintenance. It has to look odd that I sent breast milk bottles full of formula to daycare today, with disposable nipples mind you. Maybe Bailey thinks it's liquid gold in the Medela bottles. Since I was scolded at the pedi office Monday for not forcing her to take more formula, I'm glad she is drinking it at all. But again, who would have thought???

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