Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sorry No Pictures

But there will be soon! I do have some quick updates though. As you all know the Neshoba County Fair kicked off Friday. We had big big plans to let Bailey get some sort of "nap" with her night time bottle and then let her wake up to participate in some of the evening festivities and leave around 9:00 or so and head home to put her in the bed. This is Sid's weekend to work and as luck would have it, people seem to be dying in by the numbers because he has been busier this weekend than I can remember him being in a long long time.

So Friday night our little plan to let Bailey get a nap worked, to some degree. She did get a little nap with her bottle and woke up just in time to go to the mid-way and ride the carosal with her Daddy and cousins Mason, Calisa, and Colin. As you can imagine she so enjoyed herself and I do have pictures for later. (We have a new gadget for downloading pictures and I don't feel like fooling with it right now.) We ended up leaving around 9:30 and she fell asleep before we even got off the fair road. I put her in her bed when we got home and sat down to unwind myself. Not thirty minutes later she was fussing. This was odd to me seeing as how it was way past her bedtime and she should have been extra sleepy from all the activity. This went on for some time and finally at about midnight I just got her up and gave her a bottle and then finally she did sleep for a few hours. But sometime during the night she ended up in the bed with me and Sid. The only thing I could figure out was that maybe it was too much excitement and she just couldn't rest. But then I went to check that mouth out that she is constantly chewing something in, and low and behold, Bailey's got tooth coming in. I'm sure this is what contributed to the restlessness Friday night. At least I hope so.

Saturday, Sid had to work, of course, so Bailey and I made it out to the cabin about 2:00 I think. It was extra hot yesterday but we went on to the flea market when we got there. Even though I had come upon some extra money for the flea market I didn't really see anything that sparked that extra desire to get it and so instead of just spending money because I could decided to hold onto that extra money until such said items do come along! We had a great time on Saturday but Bailey just sort of napped on and off. We went to the rodeo and finally about 9:00 we headed back to the house. Sid and I were both so tired from the night before and being out in the heat all afternoon (Sid from working) that we were ready for some good sleep. Bailey slept really well for the 5th night in her bed.

But bless her heart I guess we are wearing her out. She slept til 5:30 this morning, got up, took a bottle, went back to sleep and slept til about 8:00. Got up, ate some fruit, played for a bit, and was back asleep at 9:15. She fell asleep in my arms and I just let her sleep, not thinking she would sleep long. I ended up falling asleep and we slept til 11:00. She got up and ate lunch and took a bath. By 1:00 she was back out and is now napping in her bed while we wait on Sid to get home from work so we can go back to the fair.

Shew!! Did you get all that???? It has been a great weekend. And the pictures of her swinging and riding in the wagon with Mason are too cute. I'll post them tomorrow.

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Lis said...

Hi Bama Fan! WAR EAGLE! I'm a LSU fan to "now that I am married to one" Suggestions on the birthday party comment you made over at Baby Bangs. Think about 101 Dalmations Party, dog bone cookies, kids served in little plastic dog dishes, headbands with ears for the kids so they look like puppies.. Had a friend who did this, TO CUTE! Can send some pictures if you want...