Friday, July 17, 2009

A Bailey Update

Bailey's peditrician kept wanting us to go to a gi specialist to see about Bailey's reflux. And so when I finally got them to make an appointment I promise you it got 99% better. So on the day of, I called and got them to change it to a later date so we could make a better decesion if we thought she really needed to go. Well, of course the next available appt was sometime in August but I went ahead and put it off. And then the next day, wouldn't you know it, it got 100% worse again the very next day. Fastforwarded to the day I took her in the get her 6 month shots. Yeah, she covered her doctor in nice yucky spit up. And of course this prompted her to ask me about the gi appt....the one we didn't go to....the next day she had her nurse call me with a new SOONER appt with the gi doc with instructions to please go. So go we did on Thursday. And to be honest, once they called and told me we had a new appt, it did go ahead and get 99% better again. And I tried to talk Sid out of going again and but he nicely informed she was going. Period. End of discussion. This doctor really didn't shed any new light on our situation. Just that Bailey was one of those babies that caused at least a load a day of dirty, smelly burp clothes and the need for new furniture and carpet in the whole house once she turns 12 months. (Not really because we have leather!) But that she'd grow out of it by 12 months, when most babies did by 6 months. He did say we could get off of the hypo-allergenic formula because "what good was it doing?" Basically there is no point in that type of formula when she doesn't have an allergy so we are weening her from that back to just regular formula and low and behold...she's still 99% better and LOVING regular formula instead this nasty junk she has been on. I guess that's why I was having to force her to take a bottle, she didn't like the taste of that stuff. So I'm glad to know I don't have to fight with her to take the formula anymore. And she is doing better now with the reflux than she even was two-three weeks ago. We'll take her back in 6 weeks just so they can collect another co-pay, I mean just so they can check up on her.

On another Bailey update, she apparently still has a touch of the virus. I'll just leave it at that!!! Because I'm nice like that!

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