Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sid and His Mini-Me!

Sid took Bailey swimming just a few minutes ago and I stayed behind to finish up laundry. But as you can see, I just couldn't wait to get these pictures up. So here they are! She is just the cutest thing and so much fun these days.



She got her first ice pop this past Sunday when we got home from Mom and Dad's house. She really enjoyed it at first but then she either got a brain freeze or got frustrated because she couldn't hold it herself. So we haven't tried it since.


And in going through pictures that haven't been put on the computer yet we ran across this one the other day and we were shocked to see how Bailey looked after her surgery and being sedated for almost a week. She does not even look like my child. Well she never looks like my child but she almost doesn't even look like her daddy's child here either. I hope we NEVER EVER NEVER have to go through that again. Sid got the records from Children's for insurance purposes and I sat down and read all the reports yesterday. It was noted in the last one on the day of her emergency surgery when they removed that tissue that was stuck in her airway that the actual surgery to her airway was presenting itself just as they wanted and healing nicely. That made me feel good to know that Dr. Carron actually put his eyes on the end result and was happy with what he saw. Sometimes now I catch myself checking to see if she is breathing because she breathes so quiet now. It is just amazing. We are so thankful to have that battle behind us.

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