Friday, May 30, 2008

Heaven Help Me! (and my poor husband)

So I'm camped out on the couch this morning watching TV and right now The View is on. The story line is "behind the scenes" and they are showing the audience how to clap and make noise at the start of the show so it looks real "on air". You know what I just did? I just sat here watching the producers tell the audience to "make noise make noise" as the countdown for the hostesses to come on stage started. And I CRIED!!!!! Like, it was a chill bump moment and I actually cried at Whoopi and all the others walking out on the stage. WHY???? That's not like me. I'm a hardass. I don't cry, especially at the darn random people on The View clapping for the 4 hostesses. I'm a little worried about myself at this point.

I have felt so rotten this week that I haven't lifted a finger around this house. And I'm waiting on Sid to drop the bomb for that one. He has actually been really, really good. He has done so much, of course he always does alot. But he hasn't complained about doing it and that isn't like him. He's just sort of let me wallow in my own nauseated feelings all day and not really bothered me. He got to go fishing yesterday afternoon with his cousin. He has funerals all weekend and it's his weekend to work and I actually feel a little bit better this morning than I have the previous mornings so maybe I'll feel like pulling my weight around here this weekend. I'm hoping this gets over soon. Surely it will.

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