Friday, May 2, 2008

The Princess Birthday Party

So Erin turned 4 on this past week and if you've been reading you know that we had a princess birthday party. These are just a few pictures of her with some friends, one of her blowing out her candles, her birthday cake, and one of her friend Taylor Rhea. The party was at a place where they had a HUGE room with several HUGE blow up slides and bouncy things. You know what I'm talking about. She had alot of fun and so did her friends.
She got an actual kitty cat from her Mom and Dad on her actual birthday, which is what she'd ask for. I called to talk to her on her bday and she wouldn't talk to her Aunt Bah, I'm sure she had a million other things going on. But, she named her new kitty 'Maggie'. I asked my sister, who is Erin's Aunt Maggie, exactly what you had to do to get your only neices's first pet named after you. Maggie just laughed.

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