Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh Baby Baby!!!

Well, there was only one heartbeat, but a good strong one at 122 bpm. My levels from the blood work were great and showing the reason why I am nauseated all day long. It went from 334 on May 12th to over 17,000 on May 28th (today). We didn't actually get to hear the heart beat because they had to use the probe to actually see the baby. But it's defiantly there, measuring in at a mere 1/2 inch. It's amazing something so tiny with a heartbeat of 122 is living inside me (we did get to see the heartbeat) and making me feel pretty darn rough. We should be through those days pretty soon though. My levels can't get much higher, I think they top out in a few weeks and that number doubles every other day. So maybe another week and I'll be good to go.

The official due date, which I'm sure will change in time according to them, is January 19, 2009. I already had that figured up, so it wasn't a surprise. That puts me at about 6 weeks 4 days according to the ultrasound measurements.

Sid and I are excited. Just sort of taking it all in. Now, we have the task of getting the extra bedroom cleaned out so we can hopefully get our new furniture next week. Keep us in your prayers.

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