Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So There Is A God!

Not that I had any doubt. And there seems to be enough good news in Philly for two posts today.

This will be confusing for some of you who may be reading. But for those of you who understand this it is WONDERFUL news!

There was a school board meeting last night for the county school board, which is the system I work for. The principal that everyone has such controversy with was asked to either move to a different position or resign. There is no tenure here in Mississippi. This is great news for those teachers that will be at this school next year and year's to come. But for me, it still means a new job since she ruined it for me my first year here. I'm still going to the superintendent on Friday and I'm still going to the board in June, just because I've waited all year for somebody to listen to me and I didn't go through that stupid grievance policy for nothing. And because my middle name is still Self and I'm not giving up easily...........

But for the record it just goes to show that sometimes I do know what I'm talking about, even if the people in charge don't want to admit it.

But here's my problem. Why can people "higher up" in education who are not competent enough to do the job they are given be moved to another job where they will be incompetent rather than fired or forced to resign like the rest of the people in school system's below them?

Just doesn't make much sense to me! But still good news!

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