Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Offical Time: 11:47 p.m.

So why can I not sleep? Or rather, why am I still awake? Ya'll know I'm a sleeper, but other than a nap after school last Friday, which my mind needed before heading to the casino to see my parents, I haven't even been able to nap. But why is it that at 5:30 p.m. when Sid and I were eating dinner and killing time til a daycare board meeting at 6:30 p.m. I could have laid my head on his shoulder and zapped right out? But now, I'm wide awake, after I read some of my book, because I'm always reading a good book, had the light turned out at around 10:20 p.m. and finally just had to get up and come to the living room where I've been reading random blogs online since then. What the heck is going on???????

All I can think about as the time approaches midnight is our McDonald's "party" lunch we're having tomorrow at lunch time. Do you know how much energy it'll take to get McDonald's to the school (and KFC mashed potatoes for the kiddo who eats that everyday) and actually get everyone fed? A whole lot of energy, some of which I'm wasting here blogging. What the heck is going on????????

I'm going to try the book for a few more minutes and hope that puts me out. I've been waiting to take the monster purple pill pre-natal vitamin that the OB put me on Monday til I go to bed so I don't have to fight nausea if it makes me sick. Usually, once I'm asleep, I'm out and nothing short of another human shaking me can get me up. So I was hoping taking them at night hoping I would avoid the nausea with those. And so far, for three nights it has. But for three nights, I have not been able to get much sleep. Any correlation?

Oh, got to tell this one funny though before I go try Sleepy Town again. Sid and I went to Sonic for him to get some ice cream during the mentioned "killing time" time. The waitress hops on out with his peanut butter hot fudge sundae "minus the whip" as she put it, hands it to him, asks him DIRECTLY if he's had a good a week so far, gets his money, hands him his change, and then looks DIRECTLY at him again and says "is there anything else I can do for you before I go sir......" WHAT???? I looked at Sid and asked if that was a proposition or just someone more excited about their car hop job at Sonic than they should be. Those of you that know Sid well and know that he can be a cut up must know the hell I endured for the next 5 minutes while we sat at Sonic and he ate his ice cream. At one point, he acted liked like he was going to click that big red sonic order button again and tell her "as a matter of fact there is." But I must admit, although Sid feels he's been neglected for the past 4 weeks, I thought it was funny too!

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