Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Feel So Strange.

So usually when school lets out, it's always an emotional roller coaster of some sort because we are always sad to see another year go, but happy in many, many ways too. For those of you that aren't teachers, I know you don't pity us because we do have our summer offs after all, BUT you also don't understand how hard it is to stop a school year, send children off, and then start all over again next year. For regular education teachers, they start off all over again with a whole new crop of kids. At least in special ed there is some continuity. But anyway, you all know what kind of year it's been for me. And I still haven't gotten used to being away from my family and friends. They just don't make you feel as at home here in Philadelphia as O-town always has. And then again, I'm not an implant in O-town so it might be just as hard for someone new there too. And don't get me wrong, I do have friends here in Philly. But most everyone looks out for themselves. There are those few that will go out of their way to check on you or ask how you are doing or make sure you are included in activities. But for the most part, they weren't my sped and regular ed co-workers. So something just doesn't feel right, again, as the year closes out at my current school. I guess it's confirmation for me that moving on out of public education where I am is the probably the best thing to do for now. It still doesn't help how I feel, with emotions running haywire, but at least there is a flip side to my story. And for once, at least I'm being run off because of what I know and how uncomfortable that is for some people instead of because I've screwed something up. And God's giving me a new place to shine and that's all I can ask for, but why does it still feel so "weird" for me?

On a more positive note, I was on the phone with Sid at lunch while I was going to get me a $10.00 scoop of chicken salad (as he calls it) from the The Bean. And what before my wondering eyes did appear, but a silver Z71 pulling into a parking space in front of the tanning bed shop, complete with it's own "Life Is Good" sticker. And I thought, HEY, I know that truck. And I said, HEY, there you are Sid. Where are are going to the tanning bed!!!! I thought I had already told him that if I had to be big and pale this summer so does he. He works outside alot during the summer and is already a few shades darker. He says he didn't go in since I was making such a big deal about it, but he also says that he's not a mind reader and he ain't gonna even try to read mine for the next 9 months...................

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Tiphanie said...

Be careful eating chicken salad. If it's not prepared and stored correctly, it can be ridden with e coli. For $10, it should be fine, but just be cautious.