Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm trying to do something that apparently only smart people know how to do......

I thought I could get these pictures off my camera, onto my laptop, and then onto my blog. I am suceeding in all this, but the problem is Picasa is only letting me add 4 pictures at a time and I want to add them all into one blog. I guess if I want them blogged at all, I'll do it how it lets me do it.

So, here are some pictures in this post, and posts to follow, of several of my favorite things around my house right now. I've fallen in love with flowers and I wish I had my mother's touch of just picking things up and making them into things no one would expect. The vase in these pictures is a vase my mother bought me some time ago and I've never used it. But I have some fresh cut flowers from working in my yard this afternoon and I think they look pretty dang good in the vase sitting on my antique table.

The last picture is one of a piece of iron work that Sid and I picked out together. We knew we wanted something to hang on a blank wall outside and we looked and looked. That's one thing my husband is good at, he gets into some of the things I do so we can shop for stuff like this together. We knew when we saw this one that it was what we had been looking for. There is a ceramic thing in the middle with some color and a design. I think that's we liked it so much because it was different from anything else we'd looked at. There is a close up and a far away pic of it in the next post.

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