Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Personality Test

So I promised you could come here and read the answers to my personality test. You can leave me a comment with some of your responses and meanings and if you wish. In case you missed the email, go to http://memoriter.net/flash/test.html

Let me say this, I do not actually believe in these things, but they are fun and sometimes come out to be so true. If you haven't done the test and want to, don't read any further until you have done so or it will ruin it for you. After you've done the test, you can read below, which are the results to my answers. How close do you think it came?

Question #1 had you put the following five animals in order (any order) of your preference: Pig, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Cow (And they may not have been in that order). I order mine like this: Horse, Tiger, Pig, Sheep, and Cow. This is what it meant.
I'd say that's about right, except love comes before money no matter how you look at it.

Question #2 listed the following words: dog, cat, rat, Coffee, sea and asked you to write down one word that you related with each. I answered the following:
Cat-Erin's 1st pet
Coffee-smells great
This is what each was interpreted as in my personality:
Bulldog-describes my own personality
Erin-describes the personality of my partner (?????) Ya'll think Sid has the personality of a 4 year old???
Disgusting- describes the personality of my enemies
smells good - describes how I interpret sex (again ?????)
love- implies my own life

Question #3 list the following colors: yellow, orange, red, white, green and asked you to write down the first person you thought about when you thought about that particular color. Here's what I wrote:
Yellow-Erin and it means a person I'll never forget
Orange-Chris and it means someone I consider a true friend
Red-Maggie and it means someone I truly love
White - Ne Ne and it means my twin soul mate person
Green-Sid and it means someone I'll remember for the rest of my life

My number I wrote down was 13 and my favorite day is Saturday. So according to what the test predicts, I should have my wish come true on Saturday if I sent the email to 13 people. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

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