Monday, January 18, 2010

Bailey's Ears

They just won't get better.  I guess that's the point of tubes.  But Dr. Carron, the ENT, was closed today.  So we had to see the regular peditrician, which was fine, but we hadn't planned on having anything other than a normal week until we go Friday to have her tubes put in.  Well, about midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, Bay rolled over and her hand started patting my face.  That was the hottest little hand I have EVER felt and so of course this started the whole take her temp and give her some Motrin without trying to wake her up.  And since her temp was again hovering at around 104, her breathing was labored, which in turn, prompted me to think she needed a breathing treatment.   Seeing the doctor today confirmed that she does also indeed have some wheezing going on.  Does it ever end?  Auny Kylie's office will call Dr. Carron's office tomorrow and we will go from there.  Because of all this, I had to cancel and reschedule her first dentist appoint, which was supposed to be tomorrow.  Instead, now we will go over Spring Break, as long as we aren't scheduled for any kind of surgery at that time! 

Emotions are running high here at the Whitehead household.  Bailey screamed for close to over an hour before she went to sleep tonight, which was very odd, but that's how tired and worn out we are here.

I'm still stuck to CNN and the even more intuned now to the orphanages and the children who are cleared to leave Haiti and come to the US.  Makes me want to email somebody, call somebody, and say hey, bring me a child.  But emotions are high enough here at the Whitehead household without adding to the mix.  Like I said in my last post, I just wish I was in a much different place, a place to be able to open up my home and care for a child who has lost everything but the hope of someone opening their home.  But I just pray!  And we have so much going on that when Sid reads this, it will be the first hint of those kinds of feelings that I've been having.  We'll talk about it though someday, he's as tender hearted as I am, rather he wants to admit it or not. 

Speaking of Sid, bless his heart, the cows got out at his Dad's this afternoon and his Dad was out of town so Sid spent about 3 or 4 hours out there by himself trying to get the darn things up.  I felt sorry for him.   I mean I know he didn't mind helping.  I don't think people, including me, realize just how full his plate really is.  Now, hear me, Sid would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it, he does not mind.  He has not complained.   He was worn slap out when he finally got home and then we had to deal with Bailey screaming her head off.  I just felt bad for him when he finally laid his head down.  I just felt sorry for him doing it all by himself and it taking so long and having to do it and putting his plans that he already had on hold and then coming in and having to deal with a fussy baby on top of that.  Who knows!   Like I said, emotions are high here at the Whitehead household. 

We just want to get these tubes in and get back to work and regularly scheduled life!!

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