Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas in January!

I went to Jackson last week sometime and stopped by my favorite consignment shop.  I have to say if you don't shop consignment, or at least check them out if you have any near-by,  you are really missing out.  Some of my favorite things of Bay's have come from consignment shops.  My MIL got her the cutest Sweet Potatoes outfit at a local one here for just a few bucks, I would have paid well over $30 for it brand new or well over a few bucks for it on ebay, too!  You do have to check things out, because sometimes there are stains and such.  But I just happened to stop at my favorite one during a day that everything was 50% off.  I felt like I had hit the jack pot.  I got Bay two outfits that she can wear now during the winter months, one a Le Top that even came with a matching jacket, actually she had it on in the post where we went to Tuscaloosa to eat with Mom and Dad, and one a Baby Gap warm-up type suit that is just precious on.  I also got her a pair of orange mini-boden levour pants to wear with her Kubota stuff from Pappaw and I also got these great Christmas outfits for next year:

A brand new, tags still on Mis Tee V Us outfit for $20 bucks!

This precious Sweet Potatoes dress and tights for like $5 bucks.  I thought this was the cutest thing I'd ever seen! You can't really tell in the picture, but the Christmas tree is 3-D like, all fuzzy like!  And the tights say Sweet Potatoes across the butt!

Another Le Top outfit that looked never worn!  For another something like $5 bucks.

And I've been on a ebay hunt lately.  I've sold alot of her stuff from last summer and spring and used the money to buy her new stuff for this upcoming Spring/Summer/Fall.  I've noticed that you get to a point where all the outfits you recieved as gifts and all the baby outfits you buy along the way run out, and you left with nothing or the next season when your baby gets older.  haha!  I'm going to make a point to buy baby gifts in bigger sizes if I'm buying clothes.  But this was an outfit that I watched for awhile and finally bought and loved it when it came in.  I also bought about 5 outfits from Gymboree for less than 10 bucks each but they haven't come in yet.  Look how cute this is and it's from Nick Nack Patty Wack:

Love it!

And lastly I wanted to share this story because it's really funny.  The other day Sid was in the extra bedroom where he keeps all of his hunting stuff getting dressed to go hunting and he got out some stupid deer making noise thing and made the noise and I thought it scared Bailey to death.  The next day, she clung to me, literally clung to me.  She would walk to the hallway and look to the right in the room where Sid keeps his hunting stuff and then look to the left into her bedroom and then come running.  A little later, we were in her room and I tried to put her down and she about climbed right back up my leg.  I fussed at Sid and we moved on.  Then yesterday we were in her room and she did the same thing and I remembered we had blown this toy up from her grandmother and put it in her room when her cousin was playing a little rough with it.

I finally figured out she was scared to death of this thing! haha!  I brought it out into the den and we played with it but when I walked off, she moved far away from it and then looked back at it and started "talking"  to it and even offered it her paci.  I guess she was making peace.  haha!  It was really cute, but I was amazed she was scared of it.  She has never seemed to be scared of anything.  It's still in the den, but  I've noticed she hasn't played on her big rabbit chair because that's what it's sitting next to.  Guess I need to move him.  I just wonder what they think:  here's some crazy looking "thing" that wobbles around and has balls all in it and plays music and really if it look at it's cross-eyed.  BTW, you do not want to know what I had to google to find the picture of this guy!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

BTW:   If you are the mom or grandmom or aunt or whomever to a little princess under 1, check out our ebay stuff.  I think the way you look us up is basw07.  My husband also is purging his POLO collection, b/c he's obssesive and has way too much!


Laura said...

OMGosh! You got some good deals! I nearly bought that Mis Tev Us outfit for Alise this year, but decided against it because of the price. When little girls are younger, it is so much easier to find cute stuff! But it seems the older they get, the harder it is to find things! You ROCK in the consignment finds!

Too funny about the "scary" story!

Jason said...

How cute

Heather said...

I love consignment shopping! I go to a huge consignment sale near me twice a year, it's great, I get my little boy so much stuff there.

Angie Davis said...

Just did a bit of catching up and wow, Bailey is so grown up! and so cute!

Fun to hear about your new camera. There is no shame in "auto" mode. I left mine there for over a year. I finally took a class on understanding "manual", and that has helped tremendously. It is a huge learning curve, and sometimes I feel like I'm still going uphill...but it's the only way to have unlimited creativity. You can check out the Birmingham School of Photography - I took a 4 wk (1 2hr class a wk) intro class. Great help here too -

I use photoshop - though it can be overwhelming to learn. I know a sliver of what it can do. I'm also learning Lightroom, and have loved it as I've gotten the hang of it.

Feel free to email me anytime w/ questions (though i don't know much!) -