Monday, January 25, 2010

Milk! It's For The Birds!

Or so says Bailey!

At first glance, you might assume three things.

1.  Bailey's having a snack.

2.  Said snack sort of looks it could be red kool-aid.

3.  She sure does have on a dirty shirt.  (But it's not!)

Oh, and yes, she does still get a bottle sometimes, mainly her morning bottle and night time bottle.  But if  it weren't for this red drink, she'd give them up altogether.  Our princess loves her some juice.  It doesn't matter what kind, nor does it matter just how much you water it down.  The red drink above is not watered down, so it's exceptionaly good!  So a few weeks ago, when we were buying drinks and looking at the differene between baby juice vs. Gerber Juice Splashers (or they might be called Fruit Splashers) vs. Juicy Juice vs. regular juice, etc., we came accross this and compared apples to apples and decided to try it out:

And Bailey is addicted!  I'm sure the sweet taste has something to do with it, but juice is sweet and she has been getting it for well over half her life now.  That's never kept her from wanting her beloved bottle.  So I don't think that is it!  But ever since last week sometime she has not had a full bottle of any kind of milk, formula or whole milk. 

So today I went to Wal-Mart and got some Vanilla Pedisure.  The thought was I could mix it either with her formula or the whole milk and she would once again be on the road to getting the nutrition she needed from the formula/whole milk.  WRONG!!  She would have none of it. 

I tried it straight.

I tired it mixed with milk.

I tried it mixed with formula.

I tried it cold.

I tried to room temperature.

I tried it warm.


She didn't just try it once and refuse to drink any more.  She wouldn't even swallow it.  She spit it out every time.  That's why her shirt appears so dirty in the pictures. 

Most toddlers have their milk before bed.  Not my Bailey.  She has a nice big bottle of cold V-8 Fusion. 

And loved every bit of it!!!!

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