Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saving Haiti

I haven't blogged about the earthquake and what is going on in Haiti because really I didn't know what to say.  I can't promise a donation to some organization for every comment left, not that it would be sizable based on the comments on my blog, but you know....I've always been sort of leary of just giving money to far off places like that because, right or wrong, I am the type that likes to know it's being used for what I gave it for.  I don't want my donation going towards the administrative costs of some luxary office building of some organization that promises to help kids. 

I have a childhood friend, that I remember taking baths with and everything when I was little, that kind of childhood friend, who went to Haiti after graduating from LSU with the PeaceCorps.  When he returned to small-town Alabama, he had a fiance with him, a sweet girl named Ketcha, and she has fallen into small-town Alabama life.  She is due in one week with their first child.  Her entire family is still in Haiti.  It took several days fir ger to get word that they think everyone in her family is ok.  But for those days....can you imagine?  My heart broke for her, for them, and still does.

I've thought alot about the efforts in Haiti since the earthquake and I've wished a million times over that I was in some sort of situation to give more than prayers and even more so, that I was in some sort of situation to be able to go.  I keep telling myself:  There is surely someone dying that you could hold their hand when they have no other family left.  There is surely a baby or a child or a teen that I could hold and rock and sing to, becasue I know that someone would be at home in Mississippi rocking and singing my Bay to sleep in her warm house with her night time bottle.  Unfortunatly, my heart just gets so heaving thinking of the situations in Haiti and the releif efforts there taking place and the devastation.  I wish there was more I could do, but praying, in God's eyes, is enough I know.  Still, sometimes I feel it isn't enough and I feel guilty.

We went to Alabama for the night on Friday.  I was going to blog about our 30 something hours there because we had lots of fun and lots of love.  But when we got home, late last night, I turned on the TV and it was on CNN and the title of what I was watching was Saving Haiti.  It was just unreal what I was watching and hearing.  People were just literally lying on make shift beds out in park like looking places with IV's attached to trees hanging above.  I heard of the story about the doctor's pulling out on Friday night for safety reasons.  I think they returned on Saturday from what I understood, but to hear of the stories of those people just left.  To see all the piles of dead bodies.  To hear the story of the baby born in the middle of all the chaos. 

In the meantime, Bailey was restless and Sid called for me to come get her and rock her.  I always sing to her at bedtime, but since bedtime was a little off due to traveling I didn't sing much to her.  I figured she needed some singing to.  We have a list of songs we go through so to speak, and one of those is "It Only Takes a Spark".  I don't know why that is a song I started singing her, but it is, and as I watched the TV last night singing those words to my sweet one year old in our warm house under our warm blanket the words rang so true for me.

It only takes a spark
To get a fire going
And soon all those around
Can warm up in it's glowing
That's how it is with God's love
Once you've experienced it
You want to sing
It's fresh like Spring
You want to pass it one

I wish for you, my friend
This happiness that I've found
You can depend on Him
It matters not where you're bound
I'll shout it from the mountain tops
I want my world to know
The Lord of Love
Has come to me
I want to pass it on!

And so, even though I cannot go and even though I cannot give thousands or even hundreds of dollars, I will continue to pray.  Pray those people that God will comfort them and wrap them in His arms and that He will see to it that the money that people CAN give is used as it should be and these people of Haiti will somehow be saved! 


Angie Davis said...

lovely. and true.

Anonymous said...

So true!

Shane said...

Hey there!
Thanks so much for leaving me comment!!!

About the t-shirts I totally made those. It's so easy. Picked up some iron on paper at Walmart and found an image onthe internet that I liked. Added their names, printed them out, and then ironed them on. So easy and so fun!!!!!

Jenny said...

Sorry...that comment above is from me (Jenny). Not sure why my husband's name came up!