Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's A Girl Thing

UPDATE:  We will be seeing the pulmonologist, not our regular one, but one in the same office, in order to have the breathing thing checked out and get cleared for tubes on Friday.  I took the time to listen to her really good with the stethoscope while she was resting earlier and if she sounds anything like she does now when we go tomorrow, I'm wagering they put the tube thing off.  Which is not good for alot of reasons so let's pray that she gets better between now and 10:00 in the morning so we can get the tubes and get that over with.

Bailey got her first American Girl doll from Mom and Dad (Mimi and Poppy T, not me and Sid) for Christmas this year.  We named her Marlo and I don't really know why I picked that name.  It's not really sticking so we will probably change it when Bailey can talk and call her something she wants to call her.  But it's been really sweet to see Bailey take an interest in her baby dolls.  Mom got her one for one of our showers that is a Madame Alexander doll.   I always got those dolls when I was little, but they were the big ones.  Not the little ones and I played my heart with those dolls.   So it was special for Mom to get one for Bailey for one  of our showers, but it had a christening like dress on and Mom monogramed with Bay's initials and so I had it sitting on a shelf in her room.  One time when Mom was here she insisted we undress the doll and let Bailey play with it but she never showed much interest.  Sometime right before Christmas she did start showing an interest and it was sweet, but now that we have Marlo, who is supposed to resemble Bailey somewhat, she loves her dolls.  Both Marlo and the undressed Madame Alexander doll.  Mom also got her a birthday Madame Alexander doll for her first birthday.  But she is difinatly NOT playing with that doll.  It's a small one and dressed really nicely so we aren't messing her up.

But anyway, if you have boys then you will never understand American Girl and all she is about.  I really don't know that much about American Girl but I do know that Bailey has taken to Marlo and it has melted my heart.  This past weekend at Mom's, she pushed Marlo around in a toy baby stroller that Mom has.  We will be investing in one of those as soon as we have time to swap a few Christmas presents.  But anyway....American Girl not only makes dolls that somewhat looks like their owner's, but they also make Mother/Daughter clothes.  Mom got Bailey and Marlo matching outfits, but Bailey's is a couple sizes too big (for a good reason).   Today, I dressed Bay in her pj's and we changed Marlo into her matching pj's and here is the final results.  The funny thing is that the pants, even though they are like a size 3T fit in the butt and waist, they are just long.  The shirt fits more like a dress so she's played in just the shirt today, but I'm sure as she grows and gets some understanding of true meaning of American Girl, we will be in trouble.  And just so you know, the pj's have the American Girl dogs on them.  Yep, AG even has pets.  Now that I'm writing all this I'm remembering I know all this because I've looked at many an AG magazine with Erin and I do believe that's where I learned my knowledge.  Take a look at this matching duo, it's a promise to steal your heart!

She doesn't quite know that you don't carry Marlo by the shirt!

Looking like Marlo might be getting a spanking, but she didn't!

Hug the baby!

Marlo's heavy and it sure is hard to get up out of the floor with a baby isn't it?

That sweet hand was just patting away!  Could it get any sweeter?

Rock the baby!

You can stil tell how not so great she feels by looking at her pudgy face.  Yesterday at the doctor, even her eye was a bit swollen.  That's supposedly how bad her ear is right now!

I think I adjusted the light way too much in this one.  She isn't THAT pale!!

Still rocking the baby!

We can ask her where her baby is and she will look and look until she finds Marlo.  She knows the other doll is a baby, too, but Marlo is "the baby".  Yesterday, she even checked Marlo's temp and cleaned out her nose with the bulb.  It was too cute! 

As far as I know, the word I have gotten is that we will proceed with the tube placement and airway scope on Friday provided that her fever doesn't return and the breathing problems we are having doesn't turn into something more that "a flare up."  But I've been thinking about the breathing thing, and as much as I hate to, I think I'm going to call the pulmunologist because I don't know at what point the flare up should get better.  Tonight, we will have been giving the treatments round the clock for 72 hours and I don't how long it's supposed to take for the flare up to go away.  In the past, it seems a flare up has always lead to something worse like RSV or pnumonia, so I'd just rather be safe than sorry even if that means another unexpected trip to Jackson. 

Hey, at least Marlo has some new pj's since we will likely just be hanging out at home to keep from getting any sicker before the surgery and certainly just hanging out at home over the weekend to recover from the tube placement and to get ready to head back to daycare/work on Monday.  There will be no plans for me and Bay this weekend, I can assure you of that, unless you count pj's and staying in from Friday to Monday morning as plans.  I'm sure Saturday we will be recovering from Friday and getting back on our feet.  Sunday, we will most likely make it to church, provided the breathing isn't any worse, but other than that we will certainly just be staying at home and resting and getting some love from each other and last minute stuff done before we head back to daycare and work.  I also have a book I'm almost done reading and want to get finished before Monday.  It's hard to get anything done with a sick, irritable 1 year old at your feet all day.  I think it might be Sid's weekend to work, but if he doesn't have to work, I hope he plans on hunting because Bailey and I are staying put.  Just in case you thought you might call us and make plans, make no mistake, we are out of order this weekend. 

Unless there is any change, I probably won't post anymore until after the tubes/airway scope.  Not much happening when you are just staying at home and resting and playing!

Got to get rested up and well before the next one because we are headed to the Big Top with Uncle Bo and Aunt Maggie! 

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