Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just A Quick Something That I Always Want To Remember

Wow, that was a long title.  But I just had to post a little something for myself.  We serve a BIG GOD, a God who never leaves us, He never fails us, He never forsakes us, He never forgets us, He gave his only son so that we may have life and have it abundantly, He hears our cries, and He answers, He knows our hearts, and He knows our minds, He knows our wants and He knows our needs, He knows our seasons, and He know just how much we can handle.  He never promised that things would always be easy or the way we want them to be, but He did promise to always be with us in the good time and bad, the hard times and the happy. 

God answered some prayers for me today, in a mighty big way, in a way that I wanted them answered.  I've been searching for some answers to some big things the past 10 weeks.  And today, after waiting patiently for the Lord to answer, for the Lord to show me His way and after 10 weeks of me crying out for Him to just have His way me, He did!  He taught me alot about myself in the past 10 weeks and I learned more than ever how to listen for his voice, to be still and feel that sweet Spirit. 

I knew if things in this particular situation worked out the way I wanted them to, that it would have to be nothing but God doing it.  There was really no other way it was going to work out short of it being something God would have to intervene with.  And He did and my answers came and I'm so thankful.  I promised him, in my crying and begging, that if he'd grant me this, just the way I wanted it, that I'd listen even more closely to His call on my life. 

Sweet Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for never leaving us, never forsaking us, for listening to our heart cries and answering those cries.  I just ask that you continue to have your way with my life, Lord, use me for Your will oh Lord, where you lead, I will follow, I will go where Your people need me.  Lord help me to listen for your voice and  help me to see Your face in my daily routine.  I pray for you to be my guide, be my eyes and my ears and my hands and my feet.  But Lord, most of all, I give you the glory for all answered prayers for this family.  For without you as our center, we are lost, and we know that now.  Lord, continue to speak, continue to move us and continue to call us.  For with you, nothing is impossible.  Amen!

I promise to get some pictures of Bailey posted this week so you all can have your fix of her.  She's just the cutest, smartest thing ever.  She is loving her baby and loving her books these days.  And we are loving her!  What kind of weather are you all getting?  It's just unbearable cold here, but on Thursday, we should see some fruits of this cold and have some snow.  I hope we do in a way, so Bailey can put on her new pink coat and go out and play in it.  She loves to be outside and she is fascinated with the cold when she gets out there.  But no ice!   We don't want ice!  Just a little snow would be nice.  So what kind of weather are you getting?

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