Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Love For All Things PERMANENT

You will recall this post where I encouraged you to "just do it" and take a step towards doing something you may have had a pulling in your heart to do.  Well, today, I "just did it" and make the phone call to our preacher to discuss what I had been thinking about doing - more on that later.  I called him earlier, he was out, he called back and I missed it, because you know, my phone ringer stays on silent, and so I called back right after Sid walked out the door to go hunting.  Just as soon as I got on the phone with him, I realized that Bailey had gotten my Sharpie marker off the table and was walking around with it. 

First, let me say, she loves writing utensils, it doesn't matter what they are, she just loves them and he knows the caps come off.  So the first thing she did was of course pull the cap off of the Sharpie PERMANENT marker and then proceed to walk all over the house with it.

I had two choices:  1.  Take it away from her and let her have a meltdown with the preacher on the phone and have explain why my child sounds like an excerscision is taking place or 2.  Let her keep it, but follow her around the house so that she a. didn't fall and jab her eye or tonsils out, and b. didn't mark on anything important with said PERMANENT Sharpie.  I chose the later.  Because let's face it, no one likes for their preacher to think they have lost complete and total control of their 1 year old.  I wanted to discuss something important with him and have him open to the idea, not have him hang up and say to himself, she wants to do what?  She needs to get that thing under control at her house before we engage upon anything else.  That thing would be referring to my child, because she surely would have sounded like a thing instead of the sweet 1 year old little girl that she is had I taken the Sharpie PERMANENT marker away from her.  Why, oh Lord, did I leave where she could get?   And why, Oh Lord, must she get it just as soon as Bro. Dan answers the phone. 

My brother got her some bathtub pens for her birthday.  And the first time I tried to take those things away from her to get out of the tub, it was not pretty.  She turned into that thing I was just talking about for about 5 minutes, even hit her head acting like that thing during that episode.  So now, when we get out, I let her keep them while we are drying her hair and brushing her teeth and such.  And when we are done I say, "ok, let's put our  markers back in the tub so they will be there when we take our next bath."  Now, I'm sure you know that I know she doesn't understand that, but I'm trying to rationalize with her, and for the most part it works because we then hurry hurry out of the bathroom so as to avoid acting like a thing instead of the sweet 1 year old little girl that we are.

So, back to the Sharpie PERMANENT maker, I went to get her some tub pens because I thought maybe she'd trade me.  WRONG!!!  She finally fell asleep acting like that thing, she was so mad at me for taking that marker away.  And I laid her down on the couch thinking she might wake up,because she really doesn't need to be asleep right now. 

After I laid her down, and stepped back, this is what I saw:

Yes, if you look closely, at that top one, you will see that she marked all over her face with that Sharpie PERMANENT marker while I was on the phone with the preacher.  I'd say that was far better than her having a meltdown in the background while on the phone with the preacher.  And she still managed to hold onto the red marker with that death grip even when I laid her down. 

So, now I'm off to wake her up.  It must have been a hard day, she never sleeps at this time of the day.  I'd like her to go to bed on time!  Poor little thing!


Heather said...

She looks so cute sleeping with a pen in her hand!
That is funny about deciding what to do when you were on the phone with your preacher. :) I guess I wouldn't want my baby to scream either, so following her around the house was a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

It could have been much whorse. My now 3 1/2 year hold took a sharpie and wrote on her bedroom wall the day we moved into our house. Then my cousion took one and drew a line all over the house including the tv, computer, fridge everything. Oh yes you have to love kids

Jenna said...

Aww, she looks so sweet laying there with her markers! I think I would have done the same thing as you did!