Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Pictures

I feel like I have a ton to say, but no time to say it.  That would be because I'm trying to work on my New Year's Resolutions.  I know I've made the rigth decesion to take my kitchen back when the first thing I made was Beef Stew and Bailey said "yuuuummm" the entire time she ate it on Friday AND Saturday.  Tonight we had some Cheeze-It Baked Chicken and even Sid like that.  So I guess I'm two for two so far.  He did tell me today that he was not trying the chili.  We'll see about that and I don't even know when I'll make it, but it won't be tomorrow night for sure. 

I have some pictures that I wanted to share from New Year's Eve. 

That's the best I could do of Sid and Jerry.  Either they weren't looking or Bailey wasn't looking.

Bailey and NeNe on New Year's Eve!

Brady and his friend on New Year's Eve.  That's Brady looking at the camera.

What would a New Year's outing be without Mason Kyle.  He was eating his salad.  That child LOVES him some salad.

The longest pickle I've ever seen! Oh the things that excite me these days!

Bailey tasting that pickle.  She sure does look like a little girl in this picture instead of a baby.  So bittersweet!

I took these next few outside while we were waiting on everyone to get their checks paid so we could leave.  It was so hot inside that it felt good once we got back outside.  The lighting was off but I thought these were cute.

On New Year's Day I took these pictures so that I could post some of her this New Year's and last New Year's.  But then I never got around to that post.  In the event that I ever make this blog a book, I'd like to remember these pictures because they are the only ones I took on New Year's Day.  And no, Sid does not have a hang over.  We had just gotten up!

And finally, I took these pictures this morning before church.  The one's outside are too cute because the wind was wind was blowing and I guess she was taking it all in.  She doesn't usually just get to hang out outside when it's this cold.  And she does have a new jacket, but it's too big to fit in the car seat.  Sid gave her a bath this morning and dried her hair.  It was sticking up everywhere, but I don't know if it was the way it was dried or static.  Either way, it was kind of cute sticking up like that.

Goodness at those eyebrows!


She finally got to that paci I had taken out of her mouth and was so tired.  We were trying to make it out the door before she fell asleep, but this picture shows the monogram Mimi did on her shirt collar.  Mom and Dad got her this dress and shirt for Christmas and Mom put her initials on it. 

I think she was trying to balance in the wind.  This walking business is hard sometimes!

Going downhill on the driveway.  Look out!

And there's those eyebrows again!

Waving bye-bye!


Laura said...

Love your little girl's outfits!! She is so precious and makes me miss the days when Alise was that young!

congrats on your resolutions, but I have a question. Why doesn't your hubby want to try your chili? Just curious because my man is a meat and potatoes kinda guy and will hardly touch a casserole. However, he does like chili.

Jenna said...

Love the pics! But I had to come by to say THANK YOU so much for the comment. You really, truly made me feel a LOT better. =)