Friday, January 8, 2010

My Poor Boo!

So, we didn't get anything but a wet mess and some COOOLLLDD weather here.  No snow and not much ice.  Not much was closed down in our immediate area, but everything within a 60 miles radius of our area shut down. 

Bailey has been so very ill this week, just fussy and several times I've thought she was warm and took her temp but she never had any. 

Well, yesterday, due to the cold stuff, the power at the daycare went out so I told the director I'd come get Bay after she woke up from nap.  But about 30 mintues later she sent out another message to parents that due to the weather and the power being out there were going to go ahead and close.  Sid went and picked up Bailey and of course Mason had to be picked up, too.  Nene was there getting him and was going to take her back to work with her, but Sid went on and brought him home with Bailey.  Bailey didn't feel like playing much and tried to nap on and off.  And at one point Mason did tell me that Bailey's neck felt warm but I didn't think anything about it. 

Mason left when Kylie got off work and NeNe and Jerry stopped by.  Bailey was just acting like she was ready for bed for the night but it was only 5, so I went ahead and was going to put her pj's on.  She was burning up and turns out that he hot neck was a temp of right at 104 degrees.  So we fought the fever monsters all night and took her to the doctor this morning.  She has a bad ear infection that she has pretty much had since Thanksgiving. Sooooo, on Monday we get to go see our favorite ENT, Dr. Carron.

Dr. Carron will assess the situation and more than likely want to do tubes.  I'm not happy about that, but in spite of what she has been through, tubes are the least of our worries.  So we will stay snuggled up and warm this weekend, it's not supposed to get out of the 20's, and on Monday go see Dr. Carron. 

Keep our sweet girl in your prayers.  She did not like the shots and blood sticks this morning at the doctor.  I was afraid her breathing was a little labored and it is, but they said she sounded good, it was just from her temp being so high. 

She just got done eating some Hardee's for breakfast, Pooh is on the TV, I'm about to put her pj's back on her and snuggle up.  Ya'll have a good weekend!


Laura said...

Oh, no!! I'll be honest with you, I don't miss the ear ache days! Actually, Alise only ever had one and it was the one that we never could get rid of. Finally, Dr. S told me that I needed to go ahead and consult with an ENT, who naturally wanted to do the tube thing. So we did...when Alise was 15 months old and everything has been fine after that. We've maybe only had 2 since then. Her right tube has come out, but as far as I know, she still has the left one. The only pain I had from it was the constant wearing of earplugs! UGH!! I hated those things!!! Good luck!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Sweet Harper said...

I know every child is different, but we wanted to exhaust every avenue before we tried we took our son to a chiropractor. Honestly, I did not care for the actual chiropractic exams and we didn't go for long. But he did recommend we try soy milk with our son. We tried it, and he hasn't had an ear infection or been on antibiotics since (it'll be two years in feb). He still eats regular cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc. But his milk is all soy. It may be something that could work for your little one. Send me an e-mail if you want any other details, I'd be happy to share! Hope she's better soon!


Sweet Harper said...
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Sweet Harper said...

BTW, my daughter is a December 2008 baby too, and I am an elementary teacher turned stay at home mom...glad I ran into your blog!