Monday, January 11, 2010

Some Cold Weather, Good Eating, A Rodeo, and A Date With Dr. Carron

Shew!  What a title!   We've had a busy couple of days.  And the fact that my mother in law bought the family a new DSLR camera, that I get to mostly use because no one else seems to want to, I tend to always have lots of good pictures to document our busy lives!  So that's a good thing!  (Really, any one can use the camera, it's not just mine, and I know that - but no one else seems interested.)

Ok, so the cold weather - it didn't do one thing here in Philly but get really cold.  We didn't even have any freezing rain that I know of.  But for some reason on Thursday, Bailey's school lost power and no one was sure at that point exactly what the weather was going to do, so Sid went to pick her up, right in the middle of nap time.  And drug in a stray, Mr. Mason was getting picked up by Ne Ne so Sid just brought him on home too, so he wouldn't have to hang out at her work for the rest of the afternoon.  They both got woke up during nap, so we rested, made cookies, and Sid put together even more Christmas presents that he hadn't gotten around to doing yet.

Ha!  They look hard at work!

After Mason left, Bailey acted really really sleepy and I was going to go ahead and keep her at home Friday since everything was closed, so we were skipping bath.  When I took her outfit off, I noticed that she was burning up.  I took her temp and it was almost 105.  I didn't freak like I did last time and figured it was ears since nothing else appeared wrong.  Poor Mason, he tried to tell me earlier that her neck felt hot but I ignored him.  Little did I know....

We went to the doctor first thing Friday morning and they confirmed what I already knew - her ear infection has not cleared up from the week before.  Nothing sends that temp up like a good ole ear infection.  She got some shots and an another antibiotic to start.  We came home, put our pj's on and played the rest of the day.

Still looking a little pale and sickly!

Maybe those shots are kicking in!

Say what????

Hmmm!  Whatever!!!

Bailey kills me at picking up on things.  The other day I dropped a small piece of paper that I was picking up to throw away.  Of course she got to it before me and I just let her have it, not wanting to have her cry and scream.  I turned around a few minutes later and she was at the trash can trying to get the lid up to throw it away.  Of course, when I lifted the lid, she just wanted to play in the trash, so much for that moment, but I thought it was sweet.  So of course, when she tried to brush her own hair, I thought it was cute!

And she can run from you when you try to get it back.  Case in point about why I'd rather not take things away when there is no harm being caused.  She knows alot, and she knows when you are coming for her.

On Saturday morning, Mom and Dad called and wanted us to meet them in Tuscaloosa to have a late lunch.  We hadn't seen them since Christmas Day and were very happy to make the drive to see them.  We ate at a wonderful place.

Located right on McFarland Blvd.  But mapquest and TomTom can't quit get you there due to the service road thing I guess.  So if you are looking for it, you will either have to turn around two or three times (Sid) or stop at Chick Fil A and ask (Dad)!

I thought the menu was neat. 

And oh my goodness, this big hunk of chocolate with Butterfinger on top!

You know it's tasty when Dad has this look on his face after a meal!

I tried to get a picture of Mom, Dad, and Bailey but Mom and Bailey were more interested in playing peek-a-boo!

Just one more drink Mimi!  Bailey loves to drink out of straws and actually drinks better out of straws than she does sippy cups. Only problem is a solo cup with a lid isn't quite spill proof!

All bundled up after a great meal and happy times to hit the road back to Philly!

Bailey slept the whole way there and the whole way back, probably because of the ear infections, but she never acted like she didn't feel good.  So, when we got home, we changed clothes real fast, put our jeans on, and headed to the rodeo.

Cowboy Mason!

A cowboy can never be too picky about their boots!  This child, at 4 years old, decided he did not like his new boots he got at Christmas and asked to return them for some square-toed boots instead of pointed ones.  Who knew????

Pap-paw has a lap full, but no one looks real interested in anything.  Probably this dumb dog!


So Bailey and I went to Jackson today to see Dr. Carron and to find out what he thought about tubes.  His thinking was it's probably not going to get any better and with her fever getting so high when she has the ear infections, it was his advice to go ahead and get tubes.  We are scheduled for Jan. 22nd. to do.  Sid and I trust Dr. Carron, I mean after-all, he saved our baby girl's life.  No, it wasn't like she was on the brink of death or anything, but had he not been so pro-active in the situation (if you don't know what I'm referring to, go here) things could have gone down hill really really fast.

So, that's all I know about that at this point.  Someone left me a message about possibly using soy milk so I will be checking into that because we have had to stop using regular milk and are just using plain ole formula because her reflux got bad when I tried to wean her from formula.  So, there might be something to that.

I thought I'd treat me and Bailey to some Mexican after the doctor's appointment, but let's just say after she hit her head on the granite table top and kept standing up in the high chair and had to be buckled down, we quickly ate and hit the road home!!

Oh, and becuase I just heard her say it, Bailey is now offically saying Mimi, but I don't know that she knows she is saying it, if that makes any sense.

Ok, the Bachelor is on!  Have a happy week!

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Laura said...

Poor Baby Girl! I really think you will be happy you got the tubes. Just hang in there!

Next time you decide to go to Tuscaloosa, let me know!! Lurve me some T-Town! Even though I am 4.5 hours away! Ha!