Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Are Cleared For Takeoff

We met with the pulmunologist this morning.  I swear the girl holds her breath when they listen to her breathe.  But Dr. Phillips said she sounded ok, he could hear some tight spots in places, but she wasn't totally flared up.  And he couldn't even tell which ear had been infected, so I guess the shot on Monday and the oral steroids we started on Tuesday really helped both things.  We will leave for Jackson tomorrow when Mom gets here and spend the night in the same hotel we stayed in when she had her big surgery and was in the PICU.  It's nice, but I'd rather not spend every night away from home that we get to stay in a hotel in THAT hotel.  haha!  I don't know what time we have to be at Children's on Friday morning but I'm assuming really really early and hopefully we will back home sometime after lunch, if not before, on Friday afternoon.  

I got to go meet the people at my new job and now that it's offical I can put it all out on the world wide web.  I was approved at the school board meeting last night.  I could have started tomorrow, officially, but my first official day now will be Monday and I'm VERY excited.  You can't keep a good dog down for long and that's all I have to say about that.  I am very excited and they are very excited to have me.  I will actually have the opportunity to use my Master's degree with this job.  Everyone seems really nice.  Next on the agenda.....helping Maggie get a full-time teaching job. 

NeNe followed me to the doctor this morning and brought Bailey back home so I could go to the school.  And I decided to go ahead and let Bay go spend the night with her because it was a rough night last night and Sid and I figured we needed a good night's rest before we head out tomorrow and deal with what ever comes our way.  Really, tubes are not that big of a deal, I just don't want anything to come from looking at her airway.  We don't expect it to.  But it just makes me nervous.  So, Nene did my laundry while they were here today, Sid is cooking burgers for supper and I'm going to stretch out and hopefully finish my book. 

Please keep us all in your prayers:  Bailey with her tubes and scope, Me and Sid as we endure it with her, Mom on her drive over tomorrow and back home Friday, Nene on her drive to Jackson and back Friday, me as I start my new job on Monday, and Sid just because he probably needs because he is the glue that holds all of the above together!!!

On a note about Haiti, I had to turn the TV the other night watching all the orphans that were coming to the US.  I don't know if all those kids had waiting families or if some of them were just being brought here, but I so wish, and I had to pary hard at the time of watching, but I so wish Sid and I were in a place to adopt a child.  Just now, the TV was on and the news here always does what they called Wednesday's Child where they show a child who is in the foster system in MS waiting to be adopted.  This kid was a 9th grade boy and it just breaks my heart.  He said he had never been hunting but wanted to go and just wanted a family he could be a part of and love and he even said "yes mam" to the interviewer.  It just breaks my heart!!!  I think that young man even touched Sid.  It's something I really am being called to look into, my heart is tugging, but Sid and I just aren't in a posistion to even consider it as reality right now.  It feels like we have so much to take care of with me and my new job and Bailey and all her health needs, but then we have to stop and look at how blessed we really are and how really not that bad off we are.  We actually have it very good compared to how things could be, and we know that, but life just feels so turned upside down for us right now, it'd have to be like brick falling on our head to take something like that on right now.  But I'm going to keep praying about it and I know in time answers and the clear path to these heart tuggings and soft whispers will be answered. 

Yesterday, I got the call that I had been board approved and I could start work today and then this is what the bible verse was in my devotional:  "Jesus said to her, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"  John 11:40  The past few months have been months of ups and downs, but it has also been a time of growing so much closer to God and to his glory.  Bailey got the Praise Baby cd's in her stocking and we were listening to them this morning on the way to the doctor and one of the songs had the verse "you have brought me to this place."  And He has, Jesus has brought me to exactly where I am personally and career wise for a reason.  Part of it may not be easy, but He brought me here and His glory has been so tender and sweet.  His mercies have been new every morning and there have been days of questioning and asking why, but never a day where I didn't praise Him for the blessings.  I know that is only by the grace of God and His promise that I have found the perfect job for me in the middle of a school year in a year where budgets have been cut left and right already in school systems across the state.  It has also been confirmation for me that I made the right decesion to move to MS because God just keeps on providing here.  Alabama will always be home in my heart, but Mississippi is where I've started my family and we are growing together in this walk. 

Ok, WOW!  I did not plan to get off on the preaching, but I've waited a few months to be able to journal about it.


Jenna said...

Congratulations on the new job! I will be praying for the surgery. I know how hard that is! I saw some of the adoption coverage on Haiti..I was sad to hear that you have to be 35 to adopt a child from there. It just seems unfair when so many would gladly take them in!

Laurie said...

I love the picture of your "baby" with her "baby!" I hope tubes go as well for ya'll as they have Sarah Kate.

Laura said...

Congrats on your new job! And I think Marlo totally resembles your sweet baby girl! I hope everything goes well with the tubes. I am actually going to be in Jackson this weekend. Heaven forbid, but let me know if you are still there this weekend! Would love to visit!