Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Sweet Goodness

Calm down Mom, it's a post about food!!

Bailey and I made cookies tonight.

These are hands down the best ever cookies that come out of  bag and only call for two ingrediants.  They make a thick sweet buttery gooey batter that I could just eat straight out of the bowl.  I may or may not have snuck a few bites.  And I may or may not have let Bailey lick the spoon.

Ok, so I did.

I forgot to take a picture before I put them in the oven so I had to open the door real quick and get one.  Doesn't do the buttery goodness justice.

Ten minutes later, TADA, the finished product.   They are sweet!!!!

We also found this little something sweet in the fridge at one point.  haha!!  Not really, she climbed in and was standing like that while her daddy had the door open.  She never was shut up in the fridge, you know, just in case DHS is reading!

OH, and a funny story!  Bailey loves to play behind our recliners because she has just enough room to get between them and the wall and have a little private hiding place.  As I was loading the dishwasher tonight, she grabbed a butter knife out of there, which was put in yesterday and had peanut butter on it from my sandwich I made.  She KNEW she shouldn't have it so instead of waiting around to see what I would so she took off running to her hiding place.  Since the camera was already out, because I'd never let my child play with a knife while I took the time to get out the camera, you know, just in case DHS is reading, I snapped this little gem:

She was smacking away on the day old peanut butter.  She probably even said "mmmmmmm"!  And she probably got mad when I took it away!

And finally, tonight I got smart.  I mixed some of this

with this

and got this

And although I don't have a picture, the bottle is empty, thankyouverymuch!!!!!!

I figured it was sort of like a smoothie but Sid said it made him want to throw up a little in his mouth!

In the morning, I'll get even more smarter (more smart??) and mix the V8 fruit juice with a little whole milk instead of pedisure.  I sure don't want us to be stuck on that liquid gold for too long!!!