Friday, January 22, 2010

Going Through The Change

Yes, this would make my 3rd post of the day. 

1.  I updated about Bailey when we got home.

2.  I linked to a blog about a doctor in Arkansas who is leaving for Haiti to set up a medical clinic so I could keep up with his journey.

3.  And three - it's time for me to talk about something that's been one of those heart pulls.

You will notice some changes over on the right side of the blog.  The first thing you see when you look over there is the new advertisement through BlogHer Ads that I got approved for.  I'm not real sure on the who, what, when, where and how's of it, but somehow, by you coming here and reading, I make money for advertising on my blog.  I just don't know if I make it because you simply visit my page and the ad is there or if you actually have to click on it.  Either way, it's a great way for me to stay connected to bloggers like me!  And the next thing you see when you look over there on the right is a button that will take you to a place you can donate online to the Haitian rescue efforts through an organization called Compassion. 

You can go to this page to read about what Compassion is all about.  But in a nut-shell they have children that can be sponsered and by sponsering a child with so many dollars a month you are doing so many things to help that child.  This page tells you all about that.  They have Compassion camps in lots of different countries.  Of course, one of those would be Haiti.  So now they have a campaign going to raise monies for their efforts in Haiti.  If you click on that button on my right side over there, you can donate to this effort.  If you visit this page (which is the same page as those links above, so if you haven't clicked, go ahead and do it now) you can read about how to sign up to sponser a child.  I haven't sponsered a child or given to the relief efforts for personal reasons I'd rather not post, but they are legit and what I do want to say is that I have prayed about Compassion and their efforts for some time now.  It's time for me to make that commitment to say that as soon as I feel I can, I will be sponsering a child.  I've done alot of reading and Compassion is just not like those TV commericals we see on TV that lasts for 10 mintues in the middle of a good LifeTime movie.  I really feel in my heart, through prayer, that Compassion is a great way for me to start the charity giving I talked about alot in November and December.  So, you'll be hearing more about Compassion from me in the future. 

I like the changes to my blog.  And if I point at least one person to that LifeTime movie tomorrow night or at leat one person to Compassion, then the change has been good!

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